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Skin Serum
Skin Serum
Skin Serum
Skin Serum

Collective 108

Skin Serum


This organic trio of oils reduces dark spots, scarring & fine lines while soothing inflammation + fighting acne. Leaving your skin infused with antioxidants & fatty acids that protect, moisturize and regenerate your skin.

Perfect for: 

  • Your beautiful face after cleansing
  • Dry knees & elbows
  • Your pregnant growing belly
  • Babies sensitive skin
  • Fading & healing scars
  • Nourishing cuticles
  • Bringing life back to dry hair
  • Eczema & Psoriasis



Organic Moroccan Virgin Argan Oil - High in fatty acids / Vitamin E & Omega 6 / Moisturizes without clogging + reduces signs of aging / Reduces inflammation & irritation / Non comedogenic

Organic Cannibis Sativa Seed (Hemp) Oil - Helps clear acne / Balances oil production / Anti aging properties / Non comedogenic 

Organic Rose Hip Oil - Reduces hyper pigmentation / Heals scarring / Moisturizes without clogging / Boosts collagen production 

Completely free of fragrance, parabens, sulfates & mineral oil. 


Directions: Apply 2-4 drops to your clean, beautiful skin. Works well under makeup or alone. Suitable for use anywhere on your beautiful body.